Cort Action Deluxe AS Bass Natural

Cort Action Deluxe AS Bass Natural

Cort Action Deluxe AS Bass Natural
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Cort Action Deluxe AS 4 String Bass Pure tone

A dynamic duo. The PDX soapbar pickups loaded into this bass shine with quality. Offering plenty of output and high-octane energy, they'll take your basslines and make them massive. Providing a firm, booming low end, they'll help your sound fill any setting. The neck pickup has a strong, pronounced midrange which is great for classic rock and fingerpicking. Switch to the bridge pickup and you'll get a powerful, biting tone which is great for more aggressive music. The possibilities are endless when you use these powerhouses.Prime playability

Super smooth. With a Canadian hardmaple neck in your hands, your bass will sound spectacular. That's because maple has a bright, punchy resonance, which helps to push your notes through the mix and emphasise them. It's also comfortable to play, allowing your hand to manoeuvre down the jatoba fretboard with total freedom. Given that playability is so important in a bass, this guarantees that you'll be satisfied whenever you play.Markbass mastery

It's exceptional. The Markbass MB-1 EQ system loaded into this guitar will give you even greater control over your tone. With treble, mid, and bass dials, you'll be able to manipulate your sound until it's just right. And the pickup balancer, along with the active passive switch, will help you get the voicing of your pickups perfect. With this extra weapon in your bass's arsenal, who knows where your inspiration may take you.Specifications Body

  • Cutaway: Double Cutaway
  • Body: Swamp AshNeck and Fingerboard
  • Neck: Canadian Hard Maple
  • Construction: Bolt-On
  • Fretboard: Jatoba (400mm(15.75") Radius)
  • Frets: 24
  • Scale: 864mm (34")
  • Inlay: White DotsHardware and Electronics
  • Tuners: Die-Cast Tuners
  • Bridge: Eb6(4) Bridge
  • Pickups: Pdx-4 Pickups
  • Electronics: Markbass Mb-1 Eq
  • Hardware: Black HardwareMiscellaneous
  • Strings: 4 Strings

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